baltic amber baby bracelet


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Wearing effect: 13cm to 23cm. Suitable for infants and adults. Other lengths can be made.



Yoowei Baby Boy Best Baby Teeth Amber Bracelet Female Gift Natural Baltic Amber Jewelry Adult anklet Size 13-23cm

multi-color amber as shown in the figure, all products are taken under natural light, and what you see is taken in kind. However, due to different display methods and other reasons, the color of the picture you see may be slightly different from that of the kind. Please pay attention.

Baltic amber beads

Amber comes from Baltic Sea. And all of them are certified. High-quality smooth beads, unique style, very suitable for self-wear, can also be used especially in promotional gifts, corporate activities gifts, birthday gifts, cheap but fancy. We also accept wholesale and retail, which can be consigned directly. Please contact us directly.

波罗的海琥珀色婴儿手链波罗的海琥珀色婴儿手链波罗的海琥珀色婴儿手链波罗的海琥珀色婴儿手链波罗的海琥珀色婴儿手链波罗的海琥珀色婴儿手链波罗的海琥珀色婴儿手链波罗的海琥珀色婴儿手链波罗的海琥珀色婴儿手链Baltic amber baby bracelet波罗的海琥珀色婴儿手链


Test at home:

There are several methods to identify natural amber. We have listed two simple methods below.

Salt water test

Amber is very light, not as heavy as glass beads or even as heavy as solid plastic beads. To test this characteristic of Baltic amber, please prepare brine by mixing one part of salt and two parts of water. Natural amber beads should float in salt water, while glass beads or plastic beads should sink.

Burning amber beads

In order to ensure that our amber beads are natural, we will send you some small or broken loose amber beads for inspection. You can burn it and smell the fragrance of pine trees, thus showing natural amber beads.


Product type: bracelet
Exquisite or fashionable: Exquisite
Brand name: Yoowei
Diameter: about 4-6 cm
Type of certificate: GIC
Model: about 2-2.5g.
Bracelet type: chain bracelet
Shapepattern: geometry
Gender: girl
Occasions: parties
Sidestone: none
CertificateNo.: Amber bracelet
Main stone: amber
Metal type: none
Main ingredients: gold, brandy, cherry, honey, rainbow amber
Bracelet type: buckle bracelet
Gender: women, girls
Occasions: gifts, souvenirs, collections, parties and weddings
Pattern: amber bracelet
G weight: about 2-2.5g.
Amber size: about 4 mm-6 mm
Packing: each piece in gunny bag
Wholesale price: please contact us
Bracelet length: 13cm, 15cm, 18cm, 20cm, 23cm, etc

Gem Color

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