How can you tell real amber from fake?

How can you tell real amber from fake? It is very important to identify the authenticity of amber, why is that? Amber is a warm to the touch, transparent and lovely natural gemstone, long-term wear can also play a role in nourishing the body, now the style of amber is colorful, do not worry about choosing their favorite amber jewelry, the real worry is now the amber market flooded with fake goods. So it is especially important to learn how to distinguish amber from the real thing.

A, how to identify the authenticity of amber – salt water experiment method

amber how to identify the real, the method of salt water experiment is very simple, just use a container, salt and water in accordance with the ratio of one to four into the container for stirring, so that the salt fully dissolved into the water, and then the purchase of amber back into the salt water, their own observation of changes in the salt water amber, if you find amber can float in the salt water, it means that amber is true; and if the amber in the salt water directly sinks into the the bottom of the container, it means that this amber is fake, so in a certain proportion of salt water, fake amber is revealed to be true.

Second, how to identify the authenticity of amber – listen to the sound method

Amber how to distinguish the real from the fake, but also by listening to the sound method to identify the real. Search for saxophone jewelry can see more comprehensive knowledge of amber beeswax and fine heavyweights. Put the amber chain or amber beads in your hands and rub them gently, listen carefully to the sound of the amber beads rubbing against each other, if you hear a soft and slightly dull sound, then this amber is real, and if you hear the sound of the beads rubbing against each other, then this amber is definitely fake, it is probably made of plastic or glass. It is likely to be a fake amber made of plastic or glass.

Third, how to identify the authenticity of amber – solvent test method

Amber real how to identify, but also through organic solvents to test, mainly with ether or alcohol gently scrub the surface of amber, observe the reaction of the surface of amber, if you find that the surface of amber becomes sticky, fingers pressed down sticky hands will also leave fingerprints, that amber and organic solvents react, proving that the amber in front of you is fake, probably made of Koopa resin If there is no obvious reaction on the surface of amber, it means that that amber is real.

How can you tell real amber from fake

The three methods described above are low-cost and easy to use methods that can help you quickly identify real and fake amber. In fact, there are as many as ten different methods of identifying amber on the internet, but there are some limitations and they do not completely determine whether amber is real or not. In addition, it is important to note that amber counterfeiting technology is constantly improving, and some high quality amber is inevitably drugged even by experienced players.

Therefore, it is recommended that if you can not ensure the authenticity of amber, you must do an authoritative testing agency identification, generally reliable businessmen will be sent to the inspection before shipping. The purpose of doing this is, first, to let consumers buy a reassurance, the second is to promote the trust of consumers in their own. Well, without further ado, pay attention to my daily updates, learn more amber beeswax expertise, welcome to leave comments below, to communicate.

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