Is amber bracelet helpful for pain?

As we all know, amber contains succinic acid, which can relieve the pain of the body. Amber is also an ornament, which can be made into bracelets to wear on hands.

The friction between bracelet and wrist skin can make the blood circulation of wrist skin smoother.

Relieve stress and relax mood: Wearing amber bracelet makes people feel quiet, comfortable and warm, reduces tension and fear, makes people hope and become optimistic, increases people’s creativity and makes people’s wishes easier to realize.

Anti-radiation effect: Modern research has proved that wearing amber ornaments can change the electric ions in the surrounding environment and rebuild the interfered electromagnetic field, thus reducing the physical and mental harm brought by electrical appliances.

Promote blood circulation: Amber contains succinic acid and ether oil, which can promote blood circulation through the skin, treat pain and tension of muscles and joints, refresh the mind, slightly cut and mosquito bite; Amber contains tiny amber particles, which will form a protective film when contacted with skin. It is a good skin care product.

Good for throat: wearing amber and beeswax necklace can be good for throat, treat pharyngolaryngitis, benefit respiratory tract and reduce asthma.

Promoting wound healing: Amber has become a common medicine for “tender noodles” of ancient women. In addition, many medical institutions have begun to study the application of amber in the treatment of stubborn skin disease “psoriasis”, which has achieved good results.

It also has a great effect on stomach, spleen and kidney and reducing dysmenorrhea: amber can promote diuresis and relieve stranguria, and can cure dysuria, blood stranguria and hematuria. Amber is mainly used for three purposes in modern times.

First, it is used to treat insomnia and palpitation.

Second, it is used to treat menorrhagia.

Third, it is used to treat dysuria. Someone put a piece of beeswax stone into a glass of water at night and drank it on an empty stomach the next morning. It is very beneficial to health for a long time. Others just take amber powder directly.

To help children grow teeth and reduce pain, we have a lot of amber and beeswax necklaces specially for children, which are polished with irregular shape and do not have much processing, and retain the effect of amber.


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