What are the benefits of wearing an amber bracelet?

What are the benefits of wearing an amber bracelet?

What are the benefits of wearing an amber bracelet?

Amber is said to have magical properties in China and abroad, so are there benefits for children to wear amber?

The Russians use succinic acid as an important anti-alcoholic medicine to reduce people’s addiction to alcohol. Amber has calming and tranquilizing properties, which have been recognized since ancient times in both the East and the West. In the West, when children are teething, many children wear amber and beeswax jewelry in order to keep them from getting irritated. In Switzerland, amber jewelry for children is sold in pharmacies.

What are the benefits of wearing an amber bracelet?

Is it good for children to wear amber?

The magnetic field of a child’s body is already weak, so it can easily coincide with the magnetic field of unclean things, and when disturbed by the magnetic field of other dirty things, the child will easily get sick.

There are a lot of objects that can be used to suppress fear and ward off evil, but not all of them are suitable for children. Some of them are too overbearing and harmful to children, because after the dirty things have invaded the body of children, they dare not come out and hide deeper when they encounter too overbearing deterrents, and they form a confrontation with the magnetic field of children.

Amber warm pulse to drive away evil, dispel palpitations, guard the soul, belong to the mild to ward off evil things, can drive away dirty things turbid things, rather than overbearing to subdue demons and catch monsters.

Raw amber is the best and has more energy. Buy a few pieces of raw amber and put them under your child’s pillow, in the stroller, in the school bag, in the desk drawer, where the child often moves.

Parents have the experience of sending their children to the emergency room in the middle of the night, anxious, angry, queuing, worried …… suffering. The highest incidence of children is high fever and diarrhea. The higher the fever, the easier it is to cause convulsions, convulsions, and even coma, known in Chinese medicine as “frightening wind”, the younger the child the higher the incidence, the child’s resistance is low, easy to develop, and the condition is transformed quickly.

According to Chinese medicine, amber has the following properties: calming the mind and stabilizing the panic, activating blood circulation and relieving blood stasis, and relieving water and fluids. The effect of “calming the five organs and fixing the soul” is very important in pediatric medicine, which is often said that amber can ward off evil. It is good for children’s irritability, night cries, fright and frightening wind.

Western medicine also believes that amber contains antiviral agents and is often used in the treatment of children’s diseases.

Amber slowly releases micro-molecules with medicinal properties, accompanied by amber micro-molecules that are rich in negative ions, which can be worn to prevent morbidity.

Westerners often give amber jewelry to children during teething to relieve pain and tension.

Natural amber contains very tiny particles of amber which, in contact with the skin, form a protective film that relieves local itching. Children with tender skin are prone to redness and inflammation after being bitten by mosquitoes and insects, so you can use amber to rub gently on the affected area.

What kind of amber is suitable for children

Choose amber products with small pieces and a smooth surface without angles. Do not use beads, they can be easily swallowed by children. You can also put a few pieces of amber in the child’s pillow.

Pure amber has good medicinal properties, regardless of the variety and form of amber.

Optimized amber, pressed amber, is heat treated, which greatly weakens the medicinal properties of amber. Laminated, injected amber, due to the addition of other chemical components, is not only detrimental to personal health, but also harmful.

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